Friday, February 4, 2011

Work In Progress

Bart and I have been working diligently on getting our house ready for Ella, especially the nursery, that was once the "catch all room."  We have gotten her crib put together and mattress placed, just waiting on her bedding that we will hopefully get as a gift at the baby shower in a couple weeks.  We also decided that the wall her crib was on needed a little "face-lift," so I asked my very talented mother-in-law if she would paint a simple mural on the wall beside the crib.  The difference in the before and after is amazing!  I am so happy with the result and can't wait to get the bedding and place her name above her crib for the finished look.  Take a look at the before and after, I think you will agree with me!

After :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Step Closer...

OK, I know it has been almost a month since my last post, but lets get real, I am a full-time working, pregnant Mother and Wife, cut me some slack!

Bart and I have been busy, busy, busy preparing the house and nursery for Ella's arrival, in just 8wks!  Can you believe she is that close to being here!!!  Our biggest mission over the last few weeks was to get our storage building cleaned out of baby stuff leftover from Ethan, and to get totes and "junk" in the storage building that has been taking up space in what will be Ella's nursery!  MISSION COMPLETED!, after a very daunting task of finding the key to the building!  (That story is much more entertaining when told in person, that way you can get the full effect of my anger!)

Ethan had a little bit of a rough time helping Mommy and Daddy clean out the building, since I was trying to "give way" (as E called it) all HIS baby stuff!  I was merely trying to "donate" the toys that we knew Ella wouldn't play with, this was VERY TRAUMATIC for the E-man!  After his crying episode, of almost an hour, Mommy caved to him keeping ONE baby toy, his very first basketball hoop.  Can I tell you he has played with it everyday since we took it out of that building!  He has also found it necessary to utilize the baby Bumbo seat again, and finds it fun to "teeter totter" on Fluffy, the horse that Nana bought him when he turned one!  This could be the beginning of a jealous streak, BUT LETS HOPE NOT!  Enjoy the pics :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ella has a Bed!

Monday nights in the Copley house usually consist of dinner made by Daddy, MNF for the boys and smut TV for Mommy!  Last night we had a few added bonuses!  While dinner was cooking, Bart and Ethan decided that it would be a great night for a dance party in the living room.  This dancing diva Momma NEVER turns down a dance party!  Country music on the tube, volume turned up and the party began!  Ethan had his football jersey and helment on while playing his guitar from Santa, jamming out to a little Jason Aldean!  I told Bart that E is going to be a good mix between Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney :)  We will take either!

After the dance party ended and the dinner dishes were cleaned up, the "work" (for Daddy) began.  He was on a mission to put Ella's bed together!  This made me very excited!  Of course the very FIRST thing out of Ethan's mouth was, "Daddy, I wanna help wif Elwa's bed."  Bart looked at me with the "disaster" look on his face!  The boys headed to the bedroom and I swear it wasn't 5mins before I heard "Ethan, don't take that piece," "Ethan, Daddy needs that screw driver," "Ethan, please sit over there!"  I knew all of these phrases were my cue to get Ethan out of there if Ella was going to have a bed successfully put together by Daddy!  E and I ended up falling asleep while watching Toy Story and left Daddy to complete his mission.  I heard a few choice words from the other room and thought that the bed was still going to be in a million pieces in the morning, but I left him to his Daddy duty and I would accept ANY part of the project being complete!  Bart woke me to come to our bed saying, "hey, I did it, and there are no pieces leftover!"  SUCCESS!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011, Full Speed Ahead!

So over the course of the last couple weeks I have learned that Blogging is the new fad, so here's go nothing!  I figure instead of plastering the Copley family life on Facebook, (you know I won't be able to resist little posts or snipits everyday about our lives), I will use this Blog to tell the more indepth stories and updates of my sweet little family.

2011 is here and with it comes lots of excitement!  As you all know, Baby Ella is expected to arrive in early April.  Since the new year, we have been readily preparing our house and lives for the adventures that come along with a new baby!  With the help of my parents over New Years Eve weekend, we were able to make the bedroom switches that were needed to create a place for the lil miss to sleep when she arrives.  We created a new "big boy" room for Big Brother Ethan with a bigger bed, TV and some of his toys.  We had contimplated bunking Ethan and Ella, but then we stepped back and realized that Ethan's world was going to be rocked enough with the arrival of his baby sister, so we decided to keep his room as his very own and make it more fun for him to be in there.  He is loving it!

This past weekend Bart and I cleaned our room out and "got organized!"  We went through boxes and boxes of stuff that needed thrown out or kept depending on their importance to our lives.  Man did we find some important stuff, and a few treasures along the way!  I will have to say I hit the mini jackpot when I stumbled upon the $75 gift certificate to the local spa that Bart got me for Valentine's day last year!  I see a manicure/pedicure in this pregnant Momma's VERY near future!

Our favorite thing we discovered in the cleaning out process was Ethan's baby book.  We sat down with Ethan and showed him all of his pictures when he was a baby.  He was very surprised to see that he was once a "wittle" baby!  As we combed through pictures with him from his arrival at the hospital he looked at us and said, "Look, Nana knew me when I was just a wittle baby!"  Bart and I just smiled at each other and banked it as one of those special moments we share as a family.  Stay tuned, 2011 is going to be a very fun adventure!